Metha Hokke MA

Metha Hokke currently works on her PhD thesis, under supervision Professor Doctor Paul van Geest, Tilburg School of Catholic Theology. Her research concerns Ambrose’s virginity treatises, whereby the virginity treatises by Gregory of Nyssa, Chrysostom, Jerome and possibly Methodius will be considered. She studied Social Anthropology (MA University of Leiden), Theology (Ba University of Leiden; MA University of Groningen), Greek and Latin- Languages and Cultures (MA University of Groningen) and Librarian and Information Science (Post-graduate Diploma, Robert Gordon Institute of Technology, Aberdeen, Scotland).

Recent publications

‘Scent as metaphor for the bonding of Christ and the virgin in Ambrose’s De Virginitate 11.60-12.68’ Studia Patristica (17th international conference on Patristic Studies held in Oxford 2015).

‘The prayers ending Ambrose’s De Institutione Virginis and Exhortatio Virginitatis’ The Early Christian Mystagogy of Prayer (Second International Congress of the Netherlands Centre for Patristic Research held in Utrecht 2014) (Leuven: Peters).

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