Daniel Napier MA

Daniel Napier is Associate Professor of the History of Philosophy and Theology at the Biblijski Institut in Zagreb, Croatia. Born and raised in the Central Valley of California, Daniel received his education at the Austin Graduate School of Theology (Texas), Institute for Christian Studies (Toronto) and, currently, at the Vrije Universiteit (Amsterdam). An ordained minister in the Churches of Christ, he has served churches in Greece, the United States, Canada and Croatia. Daniel lives in Velika Gorica, Croatia with his wife, Karly, and two daughters.

Research Scopus

Daniel’s research lies at the intersection between metaphor theory and ancient philosophy and theology. Specifically, he excavates the generative, submerged metaphors whereby ancient philosophers and church fathers organize and unfold their thought. Currently, Daniel’s investigations are centered on Augustine of Hippo and the culinary-digestive metaphor complex whereby Augustine describes the self’s internalization of Scripture and her consequent transformation by meditation upon those memorized texts. Ancillary research interests include Stoic and early Christian spiritual exercises, Plotinus, Evagrius, and ancient arts of memory.