Prof. dr. Benno A. Zuiddam DTh PhD

Prof. dr. Benno Zuiddam (1968) is professor (extraordinary) with the theological faculty of North West University (South Africa) since 2008. He also works as promoter and study-leader for post-graduate studies through Greenwich School of Theology (UK).

Zuiddam studied Journalism, and subsequently Theology (cum laude); at the universities of Kampen, Utrecht, Bloemfontein (SA) and Potchefstroom (SA). In 1997 he earned a doctorate in Theology on a patristic subject: Biblical authority in the early post-Apostolic Church. This was followed by a second doctorate on a comparative study of Apostolic Christianity and Plutarch on the rise and fall of the oracles in the first century.

Benno Zuiddam has a great general interest, but concentrates his work on New Testament studies and early Patristics. His research theme is: Divine revelatory speech and the way it was experienced in biblical, early Christian and other literature, particularly in the context of the Greco-Roman world.

He authored “Hope and Disillusionment,” a general introduction to the history of the Western Church, as well “Heilige Letters en Lettergrepen,” a study of Biblical authority in the second Century (Dutch only). Benno has published in a great variety of academic journals.